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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
7:58 pm - Update befor ep3 comes

You is not me

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
2:38 pm - ok deal!
When ep3 comes out i start posting again :D i dunno why i stopped but when ep3 goes live.. i update again! promised!!

BTW>>!!! gratz ahmda with your second lvl 5x mage ^^!

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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
11:22 am - Sorry!!!!!!!!
Sorry for not updating but i have so much work to do t.t i will update monday i promise!!!

but on the other hand... Dreameye came to my place again yesterday(he used to live here and maybe moving back ) and well... i beat him with playing Pool... we did who win first 5 games wins...
i won 5-3 ^^ wehoooo DreamEye n00b!!! ;)

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Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
12:36 pm - Nice item o_O
hi all :) i got back full law! w00t o.o;

hmmm... i was scouting FV for paldo and while i was in the heart i bumped on this big fire bird :/ so i went town got some pot and went back... i saw a elf fighting it then and i start hitting it too ( i didnt had mp to enchant >< so i used my fresh new +8mb! ) then some other people came and then the bird felt down ^^


Then some babo showed me a nice item!~

now that worth how much? +0 is 250m so +5 is 270m i think and hmmm +6 350? +7 400-500m? `` i dunno just a gues~

and here is the pathetic boss drop of the day again -.-

i killed an ifrit that day wich dropped beter -.-

I also teleported to top drake and then i just saw a Paldo knight fall down o_O he got dice burn by burnburn in 1vs1 o_O weird

chao maker chao maker :p

That's all folks there didnt happen much yesterday :(!

Goodluck all!

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Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
10:05 am - Fun o_O...
Sorry for no update in few days but... i figured i cant update in weekend ( coz... i work alot then = no spare time and wat i can play mostly nothing happen... BUT if something happens in weekend i will update it on monday ^^ )

hmmm where too start.... ( checking screenshots to refresh my memory :P )

Owyeah... i remember again `` i wanted to hunt fvb for fun and who i saw there? Agility omg i was so scared --; .. well he tried to be funny and attack me so i say in pledge chat agility fvb 7 , ZfirstloveZ comes and we hit him he used reds and then kakimoto came cancel him and he died o.o so hmmm yeah CANCEL END zzzz

Lay down``

After all that excitement large asked me if AG up so i go check no not up -.- then like 10min later he say AG up zzz i quickly double click toi scroll restart and search ... but wth? i couldnt find it so i say where the heck is it? he say im luring it to bridge -.- ( bye scroll :P ) o well then we went attacking ...

i got all drops -.- and yes thats a Ndai so rich!

Then during evening a friend of my came by and he always ask me to check boss ... so i checked some and didnt find any :( then he said go check seer plz i never seen it! I said nah its never up anyway ... but wat the heck i went for it... gues wat i found? yup seer -.- my friend bring luck :D

ok ok.... maybe he dont o.o

well after some hunting some pledge member said OrionDark in fvb ... since that member was not full law i came and well we fought and OrionDark died -.- ( chao maker? dunno i think all paldo chaomaker -.- Except Deathmaker/tommy/kuddles )


After that more paldo came... they wanted me to die i think but since i was lagging i went DI with "Around the Tree"^^

Got alot of enchant scrolls on DI so when the mage had to leave i gave him share and went solo...then i had 7ndais and thought wth i go blow that mb in my store ``

weeee +8 :D the +7mb that blew is my old MB i had it since hmmm giran update i think -.- it help me get many drops but o well +8 now woehoo =p

Well that was it owyeah i have test week on school and it sux -.- go school 8:15 make test come back in 1hour ( im fast ;) ) wait 3 hours and make another one -.- ANNOYING! o well...
Time to play now ^^ gl all!

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Friday, January 14th, 2005
4:29 pm - ok... it's on!
OK people! i decided to re-open :) lets see how long i can keep it up, coz i have work+school so not much time everyday.. but ill do my best to update everyday!

First post ^^

I made one big picture coz i didnt had time to update all 1 by 1 on my host ``..

U can see i celebrate the re-open of my blog with a blowing of +4b-comr :P
agility ended ( he actually died twice that fight and some earlier that same day so 3 dead one day `` )

Bzel from fire egg and TQD from drake
Bdai from DK and tqd(2) and Bkat from phoenix ( these were after maintance )

and yeah... some weird monitor we have on dep o.o

Goodluck all i go work now ^^ i hope i can entertain u guys with my blog (again?)

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
11:46 pm - Hmmm OmG o_O
Hi all o.o i think im going to re-open my blog ! lol this is pretty weird i kinda forgot how it all works o well :p

I deleted all my entries ( Damn that took long it all went back too begin 2003 o.o ) u cant delete all at once need do 1 by 1 zzz

so hmmm im thinking of re-open not sure yet ^^ will see

current mood: cheerful

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